We are very happy to release second album ‘Is IT SAFE?’ by AyGeeTee,

after AyGeeTee’s debut album ‘Soul’ released earlier this year that was followed by remix album ‘Soul Hole’ packed full with amazing remixes,

today we would like to invite you to listen to the safest tropical waves created by the one and only comoran ambassador the swag’n’tastic & swanktastic AyGeeTee

Grab digital album from AyGeeTee’s bandcamp & support here ::: http://aygeetee.bandcamp.com/album/is-it-safe

Is IT SAFE? by AyGeeTee available on tape January 2012

Official video for ‘LOVEBURN xtra’ by Behind The Walk-in ::: http://vimeo.com/32495083

Official video for ‘ANACONDA BEACH’ by AyGeeTee ::: http://vimeo.com/32937028

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