Trust In Love – How Many Times? w/ Confetti Armor ~ Single ~


Trust In Love  – How Many Times? w/ Confetti Armor single, released 12th May, from Under The Covers series

Trust in Love presents the Under the Covers series.

Carefully selecting tracks from 3 important musical influences on her work, she covers songs that were originally produced as solos to re-contextualize them into duets.

These personal professions and confessions of love are then shifted into a new space of dialogue.

Lamentations of heartbreak and narrations of desire now flow between these conceived lovers, companions, partners in the crimes of love in her series. What is created is a tension that opens up the listener to the vulnerability of a lovers’ discourse.

Trust in Love collaborates with Brooklyn electropop poetic duo Confetti Armor for this first entry of her series, as they cover Erasure’s How Many Times? released on their Wild! album in 1989.

Confetti Armor:

Production: Garrett Miller
Photo: Magali Duzant
Design: Sasha van Dorp
MU: Melissa Roth

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