For Viewers

To change the default layout click the “Layout” button on the bottom right corner.

There are 4 layouts, each emphasizing a particular window in the stream.

  • Default: Everything in view.
  • Minimal: Larger Video Window and hides the information window.
  • Video Only: Only shows the video window.
  • Information: Shows a larger information window.


To change the language of the stream click the “Language” Button on the bottom right corner.

Please note this only changes the language of the internal elements of the stream and does not translate the audio or chat text.

For Artists

Audio Setup

To route your audio so it will playback through the stream, please consider the following.

Webcam & Video Streaming

To add effects or display video through your webcam while performing, use one of the following programs.

For Moderators

In order to properly moderate the live steam, please view the following video.

Having Issues?

Our live stream requires you to have flash installed in order to view. If you are using a device which cannot use flash, then you will be unable to view the stream. In the future, we plan to move to HTML5.

If you’re having any issues please contact us via the chat, our contact page or by social media.