~ Sutja Gutierrez premieres  ‘El Magico’ (feat.AFFKT) from his forthcoming release ‘Cult & Truth’ ~

From director Carlos Kometzier comes Amdiscs’ new video for Sutja Gutiérrez’s dreamy synth-folk ballad El Magico feat. AFFKT.  Wisping through the airwaves with the familiar charm of sawtooths, echoed guitars and a simple, airtight rhythm, El Magico employs a slightly more “classic” sound than Gutierrez’s earlier work.  The music flows with cues from the spaced-out European pop ballads of the late ‘70s, while simultaneously providing a fresh backdrop for Sutja’s neo-folksy vocal performance.  Kometzier’s video reflects the glowy, sunwashed nostalgia of the sounds themselves, offering cinematic views of sharply contrasting natural environments.  While the video begins with a mirrored wide shot of the windswept desert, we are quickly whisked through lush green fields, candlelit hallways, and a vacant theatre stage.  Sutja and Elise L. Fox move gracefully with the music, and are dressed in charming attire to reflect the neo-romantic backdrop.  The imagery is striking yet nonabrasive, beautiful in a pastoral sort of way (for lack of a better description), and comfortably positive.  This is good music to begin your day; a bright crisp, sound to accompany breakfast and your morning tea.

            I also recommend the artfully-crafted “making of” video which accompanies El Magico.  Javier Lecuona’s Making of El Magico is an equally-mesmeric experience set to some older Sutja Gutiérrez music.  The video shows the actors and filmmakers at work, setting the stage for the lovely images you’ll see in the finished product.  Both videos can be found on AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label – John Facey

Video By –

Directed by: Carlos Kometzier
Color Grading: Andrea Fg
Styling and Makeup: Elisa Lastres
Assistant: Javier Lecuona

Cast –

He: Sutja Gutiérrez
She: Elisa L. Fox

Special Thanks: Natasha Cortés

Sutja Gutierrez – ‘Cult & Truth’ – 2014 (AMDD145)