by Adriana Alba

YYIOY is a Madrid-based Japanese producer. He studied classical music and jazz piano. He is influenced by music that takes from RnB, Hip Hop, Bass Music, Juke, Jersey Club, House, J Pop etc. His first album “Pastelism” came out on Egypitian Maraccas, and his second album “Hyper Pastelism” was released by Seiho’s Japanese label Daytripper Records.

YYIOY’s music has been promoted by Joseph Marinetti (Luckyme), Donky Pitch, Cosmopolyphonic Radio, Yukibeb (Soulection), Juxtapoz Magazine, DJ Mag among others. He has also remixed work from Russian producer Pixelord (Tumblr Girl from Montreal-based, Infinite Machine Records label), Japanese producer Broken Haze, Japanese collective Pa’s Lam System (Stand and Dance from the most powerful netlabel, Maltine Records) and Spanish duo BSN Posse and Amati, for their EP from Freshmore Records. He has played shows with Benji B, Daedelus, DJ Dodger Stadium, Eloq, James Ferraro, etc.

Along with his music, YYIOY runs fashion label, SHOOP, out of Madrid with his partner. SHOOP is an aesthetic inspired by sports, street style and rave culture. It expresses minimalism in elegant lines and cuts, with a tough current feel. The AW 15 Collection reflects the intention of living like and ‘Outsider’ wanting to move forward in the current dimension.

 Trust in Love – Future Perfect (YYIOY Remix)



Trust In Love – Obliquity Series EP