~ WE ARE CREEPZ – Tokyo’z Glow ~ video ~

WE ARE CREEPZ – Floating Teens – 2016 ~ coming 7th December

Download the album here (from 7th Dec.) – https://amdiscs.com/shop/…

Cassette available here – https://amdiscs.com/shop/wearecreepz-c…

Video for “Eat Your Veggies in Space” – https://youtu.be/n9t78Btd7ZQ

Imagine how Dali’s dreams would sound like … now you got a glimpse of the creepz.

Video by Tiberiu Vasilescu and Mihai Gradina.
Footage by Jonathan Bensimon and Jonas Bell Pasht.

Tiny Mix Tapes on Tokyo’z Glow – https://t.co/kAx2Yrw6Pd

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